10 Facts About Dog Domestication


Man’s Best Friend

10 Facts About Dog Domestication

Dogs have been known as man’s best friend for years, and that’s no accident. The relationship you have with your dog has come from hundreds of years of humans co-existing with their canine companions.

What were dogs originally like compared to today? The following will explain exactly why your pet is very different from the world’s first wolves.

Man's Best FriendTip #1 - How Canines Compare TodayTip #2 - Domesticating Dogs As PetsTip #3 - The Bond Between Human And DogTip #4 - The Start Of Begging For ScrapsTip #5 - The Use Of Dogs In CampsTip #6 - Humans And Dogs Begin Co-ExistingTip #7 - The Appearance Of Tame CaninesTip #8 - How Breeding Affects BehaviorTip #9 - You Cannot Tame A WolfTip #10 - The Effects Of NeotenyImage Map
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