6 Essential Principles Of Grooming Your Dog


Dog Grooming Methods

6 Essential Principles Of Grooming Your Dog

Dog grooming involves much more than simply giving your dog the occasional bath and brushing your dog’s coat. Cleaning your dogs ears is also very important and you may have to do even grosser jobs like expressing anal sacs. You can perform many dog grooming methods on your own, but remember that professional help is available when you need it.

You should also be sure to take your dog to the vet if any issue is too severe! The following principles will help you to determine whether you need the help of a vet or whether you can handle it on your own.

Dog Grooming MethodsPrinciple #1 - Identifying If Your Dog Has Ear IssuesPrinciple #2 - Making It Easier To Clean Your Dog's EarsPrinciple #3 - Gathering The Tools For The Job FirstPrinciple #4 - Seeing Your Vet For Serious IssuesPrinciple #5 - Being Prepared For The Less Fun TasksPrinciple #6 - Learning To Recognize The SignsImage Map
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