6 Essential Principles Of Grooming Your Dog

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Principle #1 – Identifying If Your Dog Has Ear Issues

6 Essential Principles Of Grooming Your Dog

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

Problems with ears are all too common for many a dog. Some pups never develop any issues with ears. Certain types of dogs in particular hounds and sporting animals that have droopy ears often get ear infections. These type of ears become a breeding ground for bacteria and mites. All dogs even those without drooped ears need grooming that includes ear cleaning.

If you smell something near the dog’s ears, there could be an infection. Those who own dogs, particularly poodles, frequently go about plucking and yanking the hair from their dog’s ears and that hurts. Your dog may hate it, but if there’s a lot of hair and infection, plucking may be necessary, so talk to your vet.

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