6 Essential Principles Of Grooming Your Dog

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Principle #2 – Making It Easier To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

6 Essential Principles Of Grooming Your Dog

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

It’s going to be hard to make this an experience the dog will like. But you can follow these suggestions so your dog is as comfortable as he or she can be. Hold your dog’s ears, touch them, flip them if they’re long and look into them so he gets used to being handled there. Wait until he’s a little tired to clean them out. The ears will get pulled less if the dog isn’t fighting with you and so you’ll be able to clean them weekly.

If you procrastinate with your dog’s ear cleanings, the process will be longer and more problematic. Keep a stash of snacks nearby to reward him for being good. He deserves a treat even if he just let’s you get near his ears. Don’t ever tug on the dog’s ears or bump them if at all possible. Your dog will always remember the pain of you hurting their ears the last time and will avoid you cleaning them again in the future.

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