6 Essential Principles Of Grooming Your Dog

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Principle #5 – Being Prepared For The Less Fun Tasks

6 Essential Principles Of Grooming Your Dog

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

If the dog has all of a sudden began to wipe his hind section on your carpeting, you might have the questionable task of having to assist your dog in removing fluid from the anal sacs. Many of you may think that dog grooming is a bore. Well that is probably before you realized that dogs occasionally need to have their anal glands emptied.

These sacs are location by the side of the dogs anus and carry rather smelly fluids. Some dogs are capable of expressing themselves whenever they need to poop, but from time to time the dog may not be able to do so themselves. When the glands fill up with fluid it becomes your job to help release these fluids/material. Some dogs will require you to perform this more often than others. All dogs have anal sacs near their rectum. These sacs occasionally become clogged, which can cause infection.

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