7 Keys To Training Your Dog

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Key #2 – Dogs Have Evolved Over Time

7 Keys To Training Your Dog

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Dogs and humans have evolved together for eons. We bred certain types of dogs who could exterminate vermin and herd livestock during the agricultural era, for instance. To protect castles and assist in combat, large dogs were bred as kingdoms increased in size. The process of selection has gone on so that now we have over 400 dog breeds that came about to do specific tasks. We hardly need most of these tasks anymore, but your dog would get depressed if he knew that.

When they were domesticated, dogs developed a devotion to humans and they’re the only species who want to be guided by a species not their own, which is us. You’ll figure out how you can tell what your dog’s personality is and what that means for your shared world. For instance, a dog who is dominant wants to evaluate all newcomers, while a shy dog will hide from guests.

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