7 Keys To Training Your Dog

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Key #3 – Know Your Dog’s Specific Temperament

7 Keys To Training Your Dog

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

If you can embrace this temperament, then you can create a training plan that will make your shared life more productive and happy. Your dog is better and understanding your posture and eye contact than the tone of your voice. This will help you train your dog easier. If you want you and your pet to both be on the same page, you need to learn your dog’s language. For instance, she’ll think that you need her to be your leader if your always watching her.

So keep this tip in mind. If you want your dog to look at you, don’t look at her. One of the important sensory skills from a dog’s standpoint is their nose. Dogs use their nose to tell them things about their environment including whether other animals have been nearby and whether there have been any humans in the house emitting a hormone due to stress.

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