7 Keys To Training Your Dog

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Key #4 – Dogs Do Not Have Strong Sight

7 Keys To Training Your Dog

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Unlike humans, dogs, in general, don’t have a strong sense of sight. Theirs is generally blurry and limited and this causes them to, naturally, be more attracted to motion than to fine detail or colors. As born hunters, they track movement with the expectation that it might be a food source and that it, therefore, is worth the chase. In lieu of sight, dogs have a much more evolved sense of hearing which is very different from that of humans.

Dogs hear higher frequencies and lighter sounds than we do, possibly because they were hunting animals at first and needed to hear their prey. Sadly, we don’t always appreciate such talents nowadays and a dog who lives in an apartment is scolded for barking while a hound is rebuked for finding the trash and naturally no dog is praised for chasing the family kitty.

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