7 Keys To Training Your Dog

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Key #6 – Your Dog’s Age Is A Factor

7 Keys To Training Your Dog

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

Whether you own a young pup or a mature dog, you will find that both time and experience will have an effect on your dog’s responses. A young dog is new to life and learning how to adapt to new situations and he will be observing how you respond and be influenced himself by your responses. However, a mature dog has already learned from human behavior and is less responsive to your actions unless they are unexpected or not in the ordinary routine.

Dogs get old at a very rapid rate. The time it takes to complete their lifespan is ten times faster than a human being’s, but many of the processes are similar. Your dog is an adult at 3 years old, middle aged at 7 and at 10 has come into retirement age. Unfortunately, this is part of owning a dog.

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