7 Keys To Training Your Dog

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Key #7 – How To Encourage Good Behavior

7 Keys To Training Your Dog

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There are several different methods to encourage good behavior. Different dogs will respond better to different techniques, depending on their personalities. Before you start training your dog, you should know the basics of dog training. Statistics show that a dog can learn and remember up to 165 words but this is beyond the reach of many dogs.

It is fine even if your dog’s memory of words is less than the optimum. Once you have taught your dog the words necessary to control it, you can easily make your dog obey your commands. These words will form the foundation for communication between you and your dog.

With all of these tips in mind, you are ready to begin working with your dog. Remember to encourage good behavior and reward it more than you punish bad behavior. Recognize that your dog is an intelligent creature that wants to please you, but that just may require a bit of patience. If you are having difficulty training your dog on your own, consider taking it to an obedience school or enlisting the help of a professional dog trainer for one on one lessons. Best of luck!

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