A 7-Part Checklist For Dog First Aid

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#3 – Ensure That You Have A Doggie First Aid Kit

A 7-Part Checklist For Dog First Aid

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

In a crisis situation the only thing you know for sure is if the color of the affected area and surrounding tissues have changed. Know before hand how to check your dogs pulse and always have a first aid kit prepared, this is important in the case of an injury to your dog. As you read on we will supply you a check list so you can be prepared as possible.

Remember if there has been an accident and a dog is involved, make sure you are out of harms way before you try and help the dog.It is a sad thing to learn that some people, in an effort to help injured animals, forget their own safety and get injured or killed on the roads by passing vehicles.

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