A 7-Part Checklist For Dog First Aid

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#4 – What To Do If Your Dog Is Injured On The Road

A 7-Part Checklist For Dog First Aid

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

If a dog happens to be injured on the road, the first thing to be done is to put up a sign to warn the speeding motorists of the injured dog. Then go to the dog and check the extent of its injuries. Try to remove the dog to a safer place if possible. Be very careful not to be bitten by the dog. Even if it is your own dog, it might bite you if it is in a shock or severe pain.

So, before removing the dog to a safer place and assessing its injuries, make sure that its mouth is shut with a muzzle made of any material you can lay your hands on.Your dog will forgive you for using a muzzle if it wasn’t necessary. If it was however, you will be forever glad you thought ahead to protect yourself.

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