A 7-Part Checklist For Dog First Aid

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#5 – What To Do If Your Dog Is Sick Or Hurt

A 7-Part Checklist For Dog First Aid

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

If your dog is sick or hurt, it is your job to stay calm and make precise choices. Keep your voice from showing any hint of fear you may have. You can use the A-B-C checklist if you ever happen upon a situation where a dog is so hurt that they seem to be unconscious or even in shock. If you notice a bleeding wound, try to assess the situation in this order.

Issues with breathing and blood circulation are often more serious than are wounds so if you’re sure the former two are okay, then take care of the wound. If the dog isn’t responding but has no neck or back injuries that you can see, except maybe for wounds that are bleeding, tilt the head back a little, open the mouth and check for anything that may be stuck there stopping the flow of air.

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