A 7-Part Checklist For Dog First Aid

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#6 – Make Sure Your Dog Is Breathing Properly

A 7-Part Checklist For Dog First Aid

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Use a gauze or cloth to make gripping easier and pull her tongue out gently to look even deeper into the throat. Breathing is easier if the tongue is pulled forward. It will cause the airway to open. Check the pulse at the femoral artery in order to find how blood is circulating. The pulse of a healthy dog is about 10 to 14 beats per second and will be strong.

If you have a smaller dog, the pulse will be quicker. If you notice a pulse, but it is weak, the dog could possibly be in shock. If you’re noticing you can’t feel the pulse in the groin, try to put your thumb and finger at either side of the chest to the back of the elbows and see if the heart is beating, if there is nothing, you will need to start CPR.

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