7 Tips For Teaching Your Dog Respect

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Tip #1 – Teach Your Dog To Respect You

7 Tips For Teaching Your Dog Respect

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

A dog decides on her role based on social and spatial status. You’re giving your dog a strong message when you walk around her or step over her. You’re conveying respect through deference. Teach her that your space needs to be respected also. Excuse yourself if you have to nudge her because she’s in the way and she’ll learn what “excuse me” means.

If the dog walks into you, don’t hesitate, just keep walking until she decides she is the one that needs to move. Don’t let the dog constantly be attached to your leg. Make sure the dog has a real respect for your personal space. Dog’s are not ottomans, so teach dogs to lay to the side of you rather than under your feet.

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