7 Tips For Teaching Your Dog Respect

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Tip #2 – Provide Your Dog Their Own Spaces

7 Tips For Teaching Your Dog Respect

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

Give the dog their own little space in each room to call their own. Put something of the dogs in that spot to reinforce the fact that that is their own personal spot to lay. The following tools are critical when it comes socializing a dog that may have issues. If you get in between the dog food bowl and the dog, does the dog growl? If so, you need to get someone with experience to come in and help.

The dog will need to be comfortable around all kinds of people, so asking a friends or family member to help is highly encouraged. It’s highly important that the dog respects not only you, but anyone else who they may come into contact with. Teach your dog to respect and acknowledge in a friendly way the people around it.

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