7 Tips For Teaching Your Dog Respect

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Tip #4 – Teach Your Dog To Heel Or Use A Leash

7 Tips For Teaching Your Dog Respect

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If you can’t get your dog to come when you actually ask him to, try using some other training technique, such as treats, to get him to come. Alternatively, just walk your dog on a leash, instead. It also helps to be just out of your dog’s line of sight when you call him. That way he’ll become interested in looking for you. Get him to be even more enthusiastic by shaking a container of treats when you call him to your side.

At first, the dog will relate good behavior with some kind of snack or treat. Once you have the that good behavior finely tuned, you can slowly interchange the treats with positive accolades. Keep up verbal communication with your dog. A bored dog is a ticking destructive time bomb. Help the dog learn the names of the items it uses the most. While playing fetch, speak the word ball out to the dog so it can learn to associate the word ball with the toy ball.

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