7 Tips For Teaching Your Dog Respect

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Tip #5 – Teach Your Dog To Sit And Stay

7 Tips For Teaching Your Dog Respect

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Try using a treat to teach your dog to sit. You can hold it by his nose at first and then slowly move it back behind his head. Alternatively, you can put a little pressure on his waist using your forefinger and thumb as you use your other hand to gently tilt his chin up. Make sure that your dog learns to sit before he can get any attention or rewards and use commands like “wait” and “okay” to reinforce that idea. That way your dog will be ready for your next command.

You can use those commands when getting in the car, going in or out of a building or performing other similar actions with your pet.The best way to teach your dog that is to hold him steady on a leash. Then say “wait” and pull back gently until you are ready to proceed. When you are, say “Okay, follow me” and release the tension on the leash. That exercise will help your dog to remember that you are the leader and, therefore, you are running things.

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