7 Tips For Understanding The Stages Of A Dog’s Life

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Tip #2 – Starting With The Basics

7 Tips For Understanding The Stages Of A Dog's Life

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

A young puppy needs five basic requirements to exist: food, drink, sleep, elimination and fun time. Although your puppy has the ability to learn, don’t get your hopes up too high during this time. Your puppy needs to eat three or four times daily, be taken out on a regular basis, and take naps as needed. For best results mix training with playtime.

Teach him basic concepts: Stay with him, speak his name and help him become accustomed to the leash. Punishment will make your puppy afraid and ruin your relationship: He is just to young to understand. Enjoying yourself and take many pictures, because your puppy will grow very fast.

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