7 Tips For Understanding The Stages Of A Dog’s Life

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Tip #6 – Handling An Adult Dog

7 Tips For Understanding The Stages Of A Dog's Life

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

When your dog is fully grown, f it is not spayed or neutered, the breeding age is here. No more playful puppy behavior, but a more settled adult companion is here. This is that period of time you’ll look back on with awe. The prime years of a dogs life are when they are in adulthood. If everything has gone according to plan your dog is well behaved and obedient all because of the training that you have done.

But you may have a dog that has a few not so good habits and you never know, he may have picked those up from you. At this time, some dog owners realize they cannot handle their pet. Some find the adult dog unmanageable. Maybe the dog is too big, to jumpy or to hard-headed.

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