8 Common Dog Owner Mistakes When Getting A Puppy

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Mistake #3 – Not Anticipating A Puppy’s Behavior

8 Common Dog Owner Mistakes When Getting A Puppy

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

Prior to adopting a new dog, you must give serious consideration to the mischief that a puppy can get into. Any dog is certain to explore its new surroundings and some dogs are likely to be more enthusiastic about the process. Puppies especially tend to do their exploring with their mouths and noses. They may chew on electrical cords or some of your favorite belongings. They may also choke on things.

Older dogs and frisky pups who are not used to being indoors are at risk of falling or having objects fall on them. They also may get stuck in some odd places, some of which may be dangerous to a puppy. The house won’t be a place of danger for your new pet if you just prepare carefully. But you don’t just have to have vinyl flooring and drape all the furnishings with sheets. But you will have to study the space and take away any possible dangers.

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