8 Common Dog Owner Mistakes When Getting A Puppy

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Mistake #6 – Not Checking For Choking Hazards And Poisons

8 Common Dog Owner Mistakes When Getting A Puppy

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

The trash can has tantalizing smells for a dog so if it’s open it’s likely to go over. That will be messy but it can also hurt your pet, especially if there are bones that might splinter internally, spoiled food, or things that can be choked on like the caps from milk and soda bottles.

You may not be aware that what is poisonous to a tot is also poisonous to a dog. Place locks on any reachable cabinets, especially those that have toxic chemical cleaners, pest sprays, medicines, or even common toiletry items like sunscreens and lotions.

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