8 Golden Rules For Keeping Your Dog Healthy


Proper Care

8 Golden Rules For Keeping Your Dog Healthy

As a dog owner, there are many things you must do to properly care for your pet. Providing it with food and water is not enough: your dog also needs walks outside, play time and love.

Most importantly, your dog needs to see a veterinarian regularly so that your dog can remain in optimal health. Once you realize how important vet visits are, you will be ready to find your dog the perfect vet (unless you’ve already found one).

Proper CareRule #1 - Be Familiar With Dangerous Dog DiseasesRule #2 - Stay In Touch With A VeterinarianRule #3 - Schedule Regular Doctor VisitsRule #4 - Take Notes And Ask QuestionsRule #5 - Explain Behavior ChangesRule #6 - Get Thorough ExaminationsRule #7 - Understand The Heartworm ConditionRule #8 - Prevent Heartworm In Your DogImage Map
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