8 Golden Rules For Keeping Your Dog Healthy

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Rule #4 – Take Notes And Ask Questions

8 Golden Rules For Keeping Your Dog Healthy

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

Prior to your annual veterinary appointment, try to note any changes you have noticed in the behavior or health of your dog. If you have questions about the care of your dog, write them down. Notes can help you in explaining your dog’s history and will help you to get all of your questions answered, leaving no room for you to be left wondering if there was something you forgot to ask.

Take notes during the appointment as far as veterinarian recommendations so you won’t struggle to remember later. Make the most of your time at the vet. Ask lots of questions and make sure you get answers that make sense. These meetings are a great way to make sure your dog’s health stays great. Assuming your dog come out with a clean bill of health, you shouldn’t look at it as a waste. You should be thankful that everything is okay.

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