8 Golden Rules For Keeping Your Dog Healthy

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Rule #8 – Prevent Heartworm In Your Dog

8 Golden Rules For Keeping Your Dog Healthy

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You can buy items that will help your pet not get a heartworm infection. Prior to using one of these preventative products, you’ll have to take your dog to the vet for a blood test to determine whether he already has been exposed to this infection.

The blood test is done quickly. Because heartworm infections don’t occur in really cold weather, it’s generally not considered necessary to use heartworm prevention products in the winter for those who dogs who live in cold climates. Some vets think that the preventative products should be given to dogs no matter the season.

Your dog’s health is truly important. If your dog has been acting ‘off’ or you see any changes, you should definitely consider taking your dog to the vet soon. You wouldn’t want your beloved pet being in discomfort or suffering, would you? Even if your dog is in excellent health, remember that yearly vet visits are so vital for your pup and can help you to ensure that your dog will have many more happy, healthy years.

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