8 Interesting Things To Know About Hound Dogs


A Solid Reputation

8 Interesting Things To Know About Hound Dogs

As far as dog breeds go, Hound dogs have had a solid reputation for many, many years. Known for their amazing sense of smell, Hound dogs have been used as hunting companions, police dogs and rescue dogs.

However, Hounds also make great pets for many pet owners. If you are in the market for a new pup, the following information will help you to decide whether a Hound is the best choice for you.

A Solid Reputation#1 - Dogs Have Amazing Senses#2 - Hounds Can Be Very Independent#3 - Hounds Are Focused When Pursuing Prey#4 - There Are Many Types Of Hound Dogs#5 - Different Hounds Have Different Characteristics#6 - Scenthounds Are Quite Popular#7 - American Foxhounds And Basenjis#8 - Bassett Hound DogsImage Map
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