8 Interesting Things To Know About Hound Dogs

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#3 – Hounds Are Focused When Pursuing Prey

8 Interesting Things To Know About Hound Dogs

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Of course all Hounds find their purpose in pursuing prey, but they are still a diverse group. They can be found in every shape, size, shade and kind of coat. There is, for instance, the Pharaoh Hound, whose elegant shape hearkens back to ancient days. It has the build and speed of a Greyhound, but it’s big, stand-up ears can find prey that is under the earth.

For a more study dog that can hunt near and even in chilly waters, there is the aptly named Otterhound with its big webbed feet and oily undercoat beneath a tough upper coat. The feet keep him from slipping and the coat combination keeps him from being cold as well as from being stuck by brambles.

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