8 Interesting Things To Know About Hound Dogs

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#6 – Scenthounds Are Quite Popular

8 Interesting Things To Know About Hound Dogs

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ScentHounds must sniff down their prey, whether through air or with noses to the earth. They’re usually very sturdy and you’ll recognize dogs like Basset Hounds, Beagles, Bloodhounds, Dachshunds, Otterhounds, FoxHounds and the like. They are often quite friendly because they’re bred to work and play together in packs.

Such Scenthounds make fine companions due to their social natures. Some people think the Afghan Hound came from Egypt but it really came from Afghanistan. At some point in the early 20th century, the dog traveled to Great Britain. The Afghan Hound was known for being particularly quick and it hunted with the help of trained falcons. The classy appearance of the dog helped it to be a favorite in the world of dog shows. It’s popularity peaked in the 1970s and has since decreased.

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