9 Guidelines For Dog Training

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Guideline #9 – Potty Training A Dog Is Like Potty Training A Child

9 Guidelines For Dog Training

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If you’ve ever potty-trained a child, you know all too well, firsthand that the small details still need your entire attention. You need to remember what they ate, the last time they ate, if they had funny colored poop or anything that seemed off. The same stands true for your dog. As you go through this process, you need to make a mental note of what your dog ate and did the night before.

Remembering the last time they relieved themselves is important. It is also good to remember what those normally look like, so if you think they may be sick, any changes would be a key indicator. The details tell you about their unique situation.

You are now ready to start training your dog. Remember that as your dog is learning how to respond to you, you are learning how to best interact with your dog. So recognize that this is a learning process for both of you and be patient both with your doggie and with yourself. Be patient and consistent and your training will pay off for both of you. Best of luck training your dog!

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