A 9-Part Guide To Becoming A Dog Owner

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Part 6: Consider Getting An Older Dog Instead Of A Puppy

A 9-Part Guide To Becoming A Dog Owner

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

Unfortunately, all puppies eventually get bigger, more energetic and more challenging, which often means that they wind up right back where they started, at the shelter. So, always examine your options closely, before you get a puppy. The dog’s age may not be as important as its size, temperament or breed.

For example, a Labrador Retriever puppy is small and cute when it is young, but what happens when it becomes 75 pounds of energy and accidentally destroys the knickknacks and valuables in your home? There are both advantages and disadvantages to adopting a puppy, just as there are to adopting an older dog. Therefore, it’s important not to make a decision until you have considered all of the good and bad points.

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