A 9-Part Guide To Becoming A Dog Owner

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Part 8: There Are Positives And Negatives To Puppies

A 9-Part Guide To Becoming A Dog Owner

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

Adopting a puppy provides you with more time with him when compared to adopting an older dog. The negative aspects of adopting a puppy can burden you with; a misbehaving pet, if you fail to properly train and socialize the puppy, as well as the frustrating and time-intensive task of house training your puppy. Inconsistency in this area will have you cleaning up puppy messes for a long time. This can be the most difficult job.

You’ll be cleaning up puppy puddles and more for the longest time if you don’t get consistent with the training. Puppies do need to chew, so give them things it’s okay for them to chew and put the rest out of their reach. If your designer shoes stay on the floor near your bed, you might not do well with a puppy.

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