9 Tips For Creating A Great Home For Your New Dog

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Tip #9 – It May Take A While For Your Dog To Adjust

9 Tips For Creating A Great Home For Your New Dog

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

If the dog doesn’t take to the den right away, don’t panic. It will take some work. It is natural for a puppy to whine and cry when shut in a cage. Rather than punishing or scolding the puppy, try to make it feel safe and comfortable.

Keep the dog in the cage for sometime and then let it out for a short period. Talk gently to the puppy. Repeat the process for a few days and remember to increase the time the puppy spends in the cage. Now the puppy will understand that the cage is its right place to be in and it will gradually stop whining and crying.

You are now ready to start planning your dog’s homecoming. Remember to be flexible as there is no way to predict just how your dog will respond to its new environment. So be patient and loving and give your dog what it needs – a good and loving home with plenty of food and water and a special place reserved just for them.

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