9 Tips For Creating A Great Home For Your New Dog

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Tip #5 – Teach Your Dog How To Obey You

9 Tips For Creating A Great Home For Your New Dog

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

It is indeed a big step for your new pet dog to obey what you tell him to do. So be generous with your appreciation and express it by petting him, praising him and remember to tell him he is very good. He must be made aware that you are pleased with his actions. Inside a fenced yard let him be free to explore on his own; no need of the leash.

If there is no fence it is better to take him around on the leash and let him sniff and learn in his own way and check out the boundaries too.After that he may be taken into the house. Or if the dog is already inside the house and his potty space is inside too then let him explore the house on his own now. You are now going to let your dog have a best pal other than you and so get a few treats ready.

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