9 Tips For Creating A Great Home For Your New Dog

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Tip #6 – Create A Dog Den For Your Dog

9 Tips For Creating A Great Home For Your New Dog

  • kiosk.dogownership101.com

Dogs are den animals by nature and so need their own space to feel safe. The best way of helping your pet feel at home and safe is by providing her a dog den. The den could be anything from the exercise pen a wire cage which is portable also called X-pen to a crate made of plastic or a wire kennel, but this space will make the dog feel safe.

You can use a crate or kennel that latches to assist in housetraining and traveling, but you don’t have do lock the door if the dog has been housetrained and doesn’t destroy things. Cover a wire kennel with a cloth, leaving just the front door ajar. This way the dog can relax and doesn’t have to watch its back.

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