Hi there, and welcome to Dog Ownership 101! My name is Kelly, and I’ll be your host! (I’ve always wanted to say that.) It’s been an exciting year so far for us at DO101; this winter saw the very publication! With our January/February edition came the first exciting contact with our fans. It’s that feedback that’s inspired us to create our very own website! The staff is thrilled to have this new medium to connect and interact with you all.

There is something so heartwarming about being a dog owner. Just the presence of a new puppy in your home can bring a light into it that is hard to find anywhere else–unless you have children, of course! But from the day that little fluffball enters your home, you’re settled on to a path of trial and error, with lots of laughter, but more than a little frustration as well.

It’s tough caring for something that seemingly doesn’t know how to communicate its needs to you. Whether you believe it or not, however, every dog has ingrained behaviors: impulses they can’t help acting on. By learning the way your dog thinks and behaves, you can learn to work WITH, rather than against those basic instincts. After all, wouldn’t you want a person taking care of you to understand your limits?

Dog Ownership 101 is about understanding your dog, not just coexisting with them. They may be our little buddies, but they’re our responsibilities, too, and it’s important we understand the best ways to take care of them, be it preparing our homes for bringing home those adorable furballs for the first time, maintaining their health while they’re with us, or training them out of problematic behaviors to make sharing a living space much more agreeable.

It’s the staff’s hope that the information here on this site, as well as within the pages of our digital magazine (available for FREE online!) will bring peace to your homes, and minimize the daily frustration of being a dog owner, so that you have more time to focus on all the love your dog brings into your heart.

Best wishes,

Kelly Livingston