What’s in our January/February 2016 issue?


The January/February 2016 edition of Dog Ownership 101 is available FREE online! Inside you’ll find…

Are You Prepared To Handle A Doggie Emergency? (Page #44) – Just like humans, dogs hurt themselves every once in a while. Learn how you can prepare a first aid kit for your dog and what you should do in the event of an emergency.

How Dogs Stopped Being Feral (Page #06) – The domestication of dogs took place many, many years ago, yet many people aren’t familiar with how it all began. Over time, dogs and humans have become inseparable in every sense of the word.

How To Properly Trim Your Dog’s Nails (Page #10) – If you’re looking for tips on how to correctly trim your dog’s nails, one of more challenging grooming tasks, then look no further. This guide will tell you all you need to know.

A Guide To Working Dogs (Page #14) – A Working dog will never let you down, and anyone who owns one will tell you that. Despite coming from all sorts of places, the qualities outlined in this article are shared by all Working dogs.

Deciding Whether To Adopt A Dog Or A Puppy (Page #18) – The decision to adopt a dog or puppy is one that should take much consideration and time, not done on a whim. Here are some things you should consider before bring that puppy or adult dog home with you.

Training Your Dog? Here Are Some Helpful Tips (Page #64) – Dog training is a task that takes patience and perseverance to be successful. Learn the right tone of voice and body language to communicate with your dog effectively.

Exploring The Toy Doy Group (Page #22) – Toy dogs are the perfect pet for families living in small homes. A Toy dog may be for you if you’re looking for a pet bred for companionship.

A Look At The Terrier Dog Group (Page #24) – The Terrier is a popular breed of dog that is most known for its digging expertise. This introduction will familiarize you with more of the common Terrier characteristics.

An Introduction To Working Dogs (Page #28) – The many types of working dogs perform different jobs, ranging from assisting people with disabilities to busting criminals. Learn more about these beautiful creatures.

House Training Your Dog (Page #68) – If you are bringing a new dog into your home, you need to make sure it is potty trained. If it is not house trained, that is one of the first things you need to work on.

Is Your Dog Ill? You Need These Tips (Page #32) – If you are a dog owner, you should take care to ensure your dog stays in optimal health. Learn more about health issues dogs face so you can help your pet avoid them.

Dog Enclosure Do’s And Don’ts (Page #36) – Dogs are a wonderful addition to a family, but they are also a responsibility. With the right strategy and guidance you can respond to your dog’s specific needs properly.

8 Tips For Successful Dog Training (Page #40) – Dog training can help you to teach your dog to be more well behaved. The following advice instructs you how to successfully teach your dog to stay until she is released.

How To Properly Groom Your Dog (Page #48) – Does your dog look like he or she could use a good grooming right about now? If so, learn how you can groom your dog all by yourself so that you can get started today.

Buying A New Puppy (Page #52) – If you are looking for a new puppy to bring into your family, there are some things to consider. Before purchasing a dog from a breeder or pet store, do some research!

The Importance Of Veterinarians (Page #56) – If your dog does not currently have a vet, you should remedy that immediately. To keep your dog in good health, you must select an educated veterinarian.

How To Buy The Best Crate, Food Bowl And Dog Bed (Page #60) – If you are in the market for a new dog bed, why not buy a new crate while you’re out shopping? Having a dog crate is a very intelligent idea for many different reasons.

Listening To Your Dog (Page #72) – While your dog may not be able to speak English, it can communicate in other ways. Learn more about how to decipher your dog’s language by actively listening to your dog.